Turning 25 (2021)

This has been a weird year. I find myself feeling a little bit melancholic, as I often do on birthdays. This is a feeling I am used to at this point, and I know that the way to deal with it is to plan out a nice day for myself in advance. I think I will go to Lodhi Garden for a walk and eat cake.

I already wrote a reflections piece earlier in the year but for the sake of consistency, here’s another list.

Highlights of the year

  • Graduated from IDC (virtually!)
  • Started a job at Microsoft
  • Travelled to Bangalore to meet friends, and then did a road trip from there to Pune. Took only two days off during the 2 week trip and realised my long-standing dream of working while couchsurfing.
  • Added floral masks to my floral shirt aesthetic
  • Really not that much else this year sucked

Things I want to do at 25

  • Move out (have made some attempts in this direction)
  • Get vaccinated
  • Contingent on vaccine, but I have the money to spend on travelling and I still haven’t done much of that with friends so I want that to happen
  • Fix my knees and start running again

This was Gyan in 2020-21. Here’s to being 25!

Turning 24 (2020)

I didn’t write anything in 2020 because the IIT Bombay campus unexpectedly shut down due to COVID-19, and I took a flight back home the next morning. Here are some pictures from that day though.

A plant on my windowsill

A plant on my windowsill

Rishi and Niharika on the Hostel 12 terrace

Rishi and Niharika on the Hostel 12 terrace

Anjan on the Hostel 12 terrace

Anjan on the Hostel 12 terrace

Turning 23 (2019)

Out of focus sunset at Worli Seaface

Out of focus sunset at Worli Seaface

Last year and the year before that I wrote a note to myself on my birthday. Here’s some stuff on how it was being 22 and some things I want to do at 23.

Last year’s note was me talking about how it had been a slow year and how not much had happened. Being 22 was a whirlwind. I moved to Mumbai to study design at IDC, which has changed how I think about things a lot. I lived away from my family for the first time and said some really hard goodbyes, and spent a lot of time feeling sad and confused. But I made a bunch of new friends, and worked really hard, harder than I ever had before, and decided to just get shit done and try to be a better person myself.

Each year on my birthday I expect some sort of grand gestures from people I love, and it never quite happens the way I want it to and I feel miserable and make people miserable because they didn’t get it right. This year I decided to skip the drama and plan things out myself, and had a pretty nice weekend with friends and family.

Highlights of the year

  • Went on a road trip to Leh and Ladakh, and a college field trip to Daman
  • Making new friends at IDC - love you guys! (Watching @niharika.kapil constantly fail at simple things like opening a juice box has brought me joy many, many times)
  • The chairness of chairs
  • Chai and vada pao
  • Running around in circles (shoutout to IXDRC)
  • Got an internship at Microsoft Hyderabad and I’ll be there for 2 months in the summer

Things I want to do at 23

  • Travel - Take that cliché college Goa trip and go for Biennale
  • Live healthier (Run more, eat better, sleep enough (lol))
  • Write more (fix my website + blog)
  • Do fun things with code? Make a font? Idk

This was Gyan in 2018-19. Here’s to being 23!

Turning 22 (2018)



Last year I wrote a note to myself on my 21st birthday and I guess this is a thing now. These are some notes on how it was being 21 and some things I want to do at 22.

This was not an exciting year. It was slow, and while things moved in mostly the right direction they were not as fast as I would have liked. I had to remind myself that it’s okay to take my time to get where I want, and it’s okay to take my time to decide where I want to be.

I worked hard this year and it paid off. I am proud of the work I did and where it got me, and I’m glad to finally be in a space where I’m certain that I can do design full time. College will end soon and it feels like the slow ascent to the apex of a rollercoaster ride. Everything will change completely very soon and that’s both exciting and scary.

I have spent a lot of time by myself and have felt lonely a lot, but I spent today with people I love and I think I should do that more. I might be moving to Bangalore in a few months and and I will miss my friends and family. Note to self : if you start sitting in your room feeling sorry for yourself you should get out for a while and do something.

I now get taken very seriously by a lot of people and that sometimes that surprises me. I have finally started to feel like an adult, but sometimes I also feel like two children in a trenchcoat masquerading as one.

Highlights of the year

  • Shirin! Thank you for pyaar and dosti and your beautiful face. (@lonefoxdancing)
  • I won IIIT Delhi’s design hackathon… both times it happened this year.
  • I finally learned to drive and now have a driver’s license.
  • I traveled to Shimla, Mcleodganj, Goa and Bangalore.
  • I cleared the NID entrance and got India rank 9 for information design and rank 13 for interaction design. It’s the first time I’ve done well on a test in a while and it feels good.
  • I got a job offer from Flipkart.

Things I hope to do next year

  • Travel more
  • Learn new things both in my field and outside of it
  • Meet new people and make friends and be less of a curmudgeon

This was Gyan in 2017-18. Here’s to being 22!

Turning 21 (2017)

A house burning in New South Wales on 31 Dec 2020

Photo of flowers that Shirin clicked while walking through Jor Bagh.

I’ve been thinking about being 20. It started terribly. On my first day of being 20, I already had a broken heart I thought would never heal. I didn’t know what I was doing with myself as an engineering student trying to do design.

But things got better. I did a bunch of travelling. I made new friends. I learnt new things. I figured out a plan for my life. I worked on some cool projects with some cool people. In retrospect, it’s been a pretty good year.

Here’s to hoping 21 is great too.