Exterior of the IDC Building.

The IDC logo at the main entrance of the building.

I have had a number of people reach out to me to ask about the interview process at IDC, and if I have any tips. I am collecting this information here.

Go through research work conducted by the faculty

As the M.Des. program is a master’s level course, you will be expected to not only learn things but also contribute to the existing pool of knowledge in the world. Being familiar with the work the faculty have done will show them that you tried to engage with the research projects at IDC, and should also give you a sense of the kind of work that gets done at the institute.

You can find a list of all faculty in IDC and links to their personal pages here. The idc website might give you outdated or partial information about their work, so you can also search for their work on Google Scholar or other sources.

The current faculty in the interaction design department are:

  • Anirudha Joshi
  • Girish Dalvi
  • Jayesh Pillai
  • Pramod Khambete
  • Ravi Poovaiah
  • Swati Pal
  • Venkatesh Rajamanickam
  • Vivek Kant