About this site

I’ve been fascinated by the idea of Digital Gardens for some time now. I really enjoy Andy Matuschak’s working notes, where he writes personal notes but shares them publicly. He calls this working with the garage door up).

I like the idea of writing for myself but making my notes publicly accessible in case they are useful for other people. My goals with this website are two-fold.

  1. I want a portfolio to document my work as a designer, which means my home page shows only the projects that show the skills most relevant to my career as a UX Designer.
  2. I want a place to write personal reflections, collect useful resources, document personal projects, make notes about things I learned. These can be a little esoteric—I have a page for my grandfather’s Ginger Beer recipe, and a page about Numeronyms.


This site uses Besley for headings, and IBM Plex Serif italics for article subtitles. All body text is set in the system font, and changes based on the operating system being used.

Website Setup

I used a custom Jekyll theme for my old website, and I am now experimenting with Obsidian as a writing interface combined with Jekyll and GitHub Pages for hosting.

The rest of this page is filler content with every type of content my blog supports, in order to make sure everything is working if I change any styles.

Some regular text with bold and italics a footnote. 1 My favorite search engine is Duck Duck Go. Quick link https://www.markdownguide.org and quick email ID fake@example.com

Heading 1

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Heading 3

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Some Markdown themes

Block quotes: “It is wrong always, and for any one, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.”

Heading 5/Quote attribution

A house burning in New South Wales on 31 Dec 2020

Heading 6/Image caption
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Along Brace Cat
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<marquee>This is a code block</marquee>

I created a custom carousel component for this blog. It’s a bit wonky right now.



  1. Ellis-Peterson, H, (17 December 2019). “India protests: students condemn ‘barbaric’ police” The Guardian