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Check out the website at https://kea.ai/

Kea is a Voice AI startup that helps restaurants accept phone orders without needing a human to answer the phone and transcribe the order. Their technology directly integrates with Point-Of-Sales (POS) systems, and phone orders show up at the restaurant as tickets similiar to online orders.

I worked with Kea to develop a brand identity for their startup, marketing material for pitches to early clients, and contributed to the UI Design for their internal and customer-facing websites.

Kea logo and Phone with kea website

The branding leaned towards making Kea feel friendly and efficient, and was pitched as easy to integrate with existing workflows while saving on dull, repetitive labor.

Kea logo and icon

The logo uses a red dot to indicate recording, and bold, lowercase typography for a friendly, modern appearance. I designed dark and light versions of the logo in rectangular and square versions for use in different situations.

Colors and Typography

The logo uses League Spartan, and text is typeset in Rubik.

Business Card

Business card sample


Oops: an error state illustration showing a pizza/Pisa mixup.