I started my first job as a UX Designer at Microsoft soon after finishing my Master’s degree in Interaction Design at IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay.

How did I get here?

When I was a nerdy, computer obsessed teenager in school, a few of my nerdy, computer-obsessed friends were part of the school computer club, Exun. Members could hang out in the computer lab and go for inter-school competitions, and so I desperately wanted to join the club. This lead me down the path of learning GIMP, a free and open source graphics editor like Photoshop, and later a variety of video editing softwares so I could make short films. I even dabbled in making some very strange stop-motion films, like this one:

I like to think this is not bad, just avant-garde.

As I spent more time trying to see what I could create with computers, I become something of a go-to guy for designing posters, magazines, or videos. I remained convinced that this was a hobby and once I finished school I went on to study IT Engineering. I wasn’t bad at it—my grades were decent, but I found myself stifled by the rigid environment and continued to want avenues to do more interesting things. I kept an eye out for hackathons like HackIndia (for which I designed the brand identity and social media posts), competitions, and open days by companies like Zomato.

However, I wasn’t a programmer or a web designer or a graphic designer, and the yearly

the coolest thing you could do was be

A few of my friends were members

been interested in creating things with computers

In my undergraduate days, I was studying IT Engineering