JS library to iterate through every instance of class (or to break a single div into multiple divs) to be able to animate them individually. Useful for animating text char by char or delaying each item in a list.


Simple interactivity directly in HTML

Manage HTML DOM with vanilla JavaScript - HTML DOM

Do you really need a framework library?

Vanilla JS Toolkit

A collection of tools and snippets for working with JavaScript.

Color Thief

A library to extract colors from an image.


Visual CSS Generator

Handy graphical generators for things like gradients and box shadows.

A thread of my favorite clever CSS tricks

A thread of by Steve8708 on Twitter, including some vertical and horizontal scroll effects.

Native Elements

CSS Superpowers for HMTL elements. Visual Great for quickly making a basic (usually single page) site.

I found this on Twitter via @prathkum

Full bleed images in a blog layout

CSS Grid full-bleed layout tutorial via Josh W Comeau

CSS Shadow generator

CSS Shadow Palette Generator via Josh W Comeau

Highlight images without alt text

CSS to Highlight any image on your site that doesn’t have alt-text. Via @addyosmani on Twitter.


An opinionated CSS stylesheet that makes simple projects look good. Uses CSS variables for customisation! By Kabir Goel

Ambilight effect for the Web with CSS)

Some wild svg filter effects I didn’t even know were possible before.