Turning 25 (2021)

This has been a weird year. I find myself feeling a little bit melancholic, as I often do on birthdays. This is a feeling I am used to at this point, and I know that the way to deal with it is to plan out a nice day for myself in advance. I think I will go to Lodhi Garden for a walk and eat cake.

I already wrote a reflections piece earlier in the year but for the sake of consistency, here’s another list.

A sketch of a face on a laptop screen

A sketch I made titled All my friends live in Rectangles

Highlights of the year

  • Graduated from IDC (virtually!)
  • Started a job at Microsoft
  • Travelled to Bangalore to meet friends, and then did a road trip from there to Pune. Took only two days off during the 2 week trip and realised my long-standing dream of working while couchsurfing.
  • Added floral masks to my floral shirt aesthetic
  • Really not that much else this year sucked

Things I want to do at 25

  • Move out (have made some attempts in this direction)
  • Get vaccinated
  • Contingent on vaccine, but I have the money to spend on travelling and I still haven’t done much of that with friends so I want that to happen
  • Fix my knees and start running again

This was Gyan in 2020-21. Here’s to being 25!